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Win DVD Software

Publisher: win DVD
License: Trial
Filesize: 3.96MB
Price: free
Date added: 10/03/2016

Win DVD Player free download : Download top rated Win DVD Software on the market for windows 7 , win 8, win 10, Linux and Mac OS 32-bit,64-bit plays different audio and video formats.

win Dvd Software for windows 7,8:


Software Name Version FileSize Operating systems Download link
Win DVD Software9.03.96MBwindows 7Download
Win DVD Software9.03.96MBwindows 8Download
Win DVD Software9.03.96MBwindows 10Download

Download Win DVD Free Software and enjoy crystal-clear pictures with top audio performance. Its broad format support and state-of-art enhancement technologies make it best for watching movies on the go.

Overview about Win DVD software:

Downloading corel WinDVD software requires inbuilt DirectX 8.0 and Redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 installed in your devices and it is usually updated with all the latest trends integrating high definition audio standards like DTS HD, Dolby Pro Logic iix, Dolby Digital and Dolby true HD. It is capable of playing any HD quality video file directly from Internet.

WinDVD Software Advantages and Uses:

Win DVD automatically plays recorded videos easily without showing download options, thereby making it a convenient option for the users. It supports more number of up-to-date video formats, such as AVCREC, FLV, Windows Media Player and Quick Time which offers you the best HD movie experience right on your device. 

 Why Download Win DVD Software?

  • Play movies in most popular audio and video formats
  • Enjoy watching standard DVDs of HD-quality with theatre experience to encompass sound
  • Watch movies from anywhere with battery streamlining and Time Stretch playback.
  • Immediately hide navigation controls for a perfect and smooth look. Runs with very little CPU usage.

Why Win DVD Software is best compared to other softwares :

  • Supports video formats/codecs, such as MiniDVD, MPEG-4 ASP, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GPP, DVD-VR, Quick Time, VC-1, etc.
  • Supported audio formats/codecs, such as Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital 2.0, LPCM, MP3, WAV, etc.
  • Color modification and lighting controls.
  • Motion streamliner
  • Enhanced speed and performance

Key Features of WinDVD software:

  • New video enhancement tools such as Motion streamliner and Anti-shake and support 3D media
  • Integrated online movie search engine.
  • New Optical Disc format support i.e., BDXL
  • 2D to 3D conversion.
  • Advanced up scaling
  • De-snow and De-block filters
  • SRS audio virtual surround and headphone enhancements


Bring Hollywood home with Win DVD, It improves the quality of DVD playback for videos and audios in varied formats programmed with different codecs such as Windows Media Video, DivX, AAC, Xvid, and MP3.

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