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MP3 Windows Media Player

License: Trial version
Date added: 16/10/2014

MP3 Windows Media Player Download: Download MP3 Free Windows Media Player for complete MP3 player experience and packed with numerous other Mp3 media features as well.

MP3 Windows Media Player Download For Free:


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MP3 Windows Media Player Review:

MP3 Windows Media Player includes a stylish and sleek design; permits ease of use possesses a drag and drop facility for simple operation, and the ability to allow users to create their own custom interface using a special feature called Skinventor or allows users to download many skins from the Cabrio Skincity website.

MP3 Windows Media Player functional yet fashionable piece of equipment has 2GB space for hundreds of songs and audio clips and has a sleek metal body and a functional metal clip attached to it. The simple button design allows ease of use and people from any walk of life or age can enjoy the application. The Melody CT 02 MP3 Players come with numerous other features such as an integrated MICRO-FLASH memory disk with 128MB-2GB memory size, support for numerous audio formats including WMA, WMV, and MP3, has the capability of data transfer to the USB drive at high speeds, and a good storage capability with a high-fidelity playback.
MP3 Windows Media Player include the choice of seven colors and a backlight LCD display, has a five-mode equalizer for various formats of audio such as Pop, Rock, jazz, classic and normal options, and good sound quality with an FM Stereo radio with an integrated tuner. MP3 Windows Media Player armed with a sensitive microphone that is built-in, good quality voice recording, excellent and sleek design, and a battery life that lasts more than 10 hours. MP3 Windows Media Player
is ideal for personal entertainment needs and can also be used for work and professional purposes such as playing videos at presentations or in marketing videos online or otherwise

MP3 Windows Media Player Download And Installation Guide:

Windows Media Player MP3 has the capability of reading ID3 info, has an integrated sleep-timer, and has customized scrolling track information integrated into the application and a spyware free application and it operates with Windows 98 /95/ME/ 2000/ NT, an Intel 133 MHz Processor, and memory of 10 MB.

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