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HW Monitor Free Download

Date added: 30/01/2016

HW monitor Free Download

HW Monitor is a program that monitors a computer’s hardware by reading the computer’s main health sensors which include; fan speed, voltages and temperature. This free software is very handy for reading in-built temperature sensors on internal hardware such as; the video card, motherboard and CPU. It is capable of accessing most on-board thermal sensors and can even access sensors built into some components example: the main-board.

HW Monitor Free Download

How to monitor your PC temperature using HW monitor?

  1. Download and install the HW Monitor software.
  2. You can choose whether to install or not to install the Ask toolbar will not have a significant effect on the installation and functioning of the software.
  3. Run the program to view its user interface which will let you view parameters such as voltage and temperature.
  4. This software does not help you alter the temperature, fan speed or voltage. It simply allows you to keep an eye on these factors.
  5. It also doesn’t alert you whenever these parameters get out of hand, it will only let you view the statistics.
  6. HW Monitor is a simple and easy to use tool for monitoring your CPU that is recommended for anyone.

HW Monitor

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