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Html To Pdf Converter Free Software Download

Publisher: html-to-pdf.net
License: Trial version
Date added: 21/04/2016

Html to PDF Converter software free download The HTML pages into PDF format including CSS, tags flexible with PHP, java, ASP net and best performance

Html to PDF Converter Free Download:

Html To Pdf Converter Free Software Download


Html To Pdf Converter Overview:

HTML to PDF converter designed in a PHP class that supports to converter HTML coded pages into PDF format, including CSS, tags flexible with PHP, java, ASP net and C with PDF Reader.

HTML is the simplest of all languages used to design web pages. With the support of tags and simple, easy to understand source codes, numerous websites use HTML coded files as the underlying base upon which scripts can be deployed to provide a variety of functions. PHP and PDF, on the other hand, are strong tools used to create robust and complex websites. Designing web pages using PHP and PDF tools require the user to have in depth knowledge of the language which is not the case with many designers.
In these cases, there is a Html To Pdf-Converter tool provided to convert simple HTML web documents to PDF files which are then used in the website design.

Some of the features of Html To Pdf Converter  would include:

  • Ability to convert even remote files as well as links to clickable links that are embedded into the PDF documents.
  • Ability to convert images to the web page to embedded images along with the option to convert relative image paths to absolute paths.
  • Html To Pdf-Converter Ability to use CSS in the HTML file when it is being converted to PDF file.
  • Ability to support PEAR error handling.
  • More functionalities that can be added to the file which includes: a setting of encryption codes and permissions to the, setting the page size and margins, scaling of the HTML page, setting of header and footer text and setting of color to name a few.
  • Ability to set and control all of the above mentioned options with the use of classes.

Html To Pdf Converter System requirements:

  • Html Converter Runs on both Unix/Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Support for PHP classes.
  • Html To Pdf Converter Support for html2ps convertors.
  • Support for ps2pdf convertors.
  • This pdf converter Support for curl, PEAR utilities along with valid HTML coding.
  • Pdf Converter for HTML tool support for PDFEncryptor.

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