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Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016

Publisher: Dr.WEb
License: Trail
Filesize: 155.7 MB
Price: free
Date added: 10/03/2016

Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016 Latest version free for Windows 10,8,7 32 bit and 64 bit  & Mac OS.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016  free download for windows,Android users:

Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016

Software NameSoftware versionFile SizeOperating SystemDownload link
Dr.Web Anti-Virusver 9155.7MBwindows 7Download
Dr.Web Anti-Virusver 9155.7MBwindows 8Download
Dr.Web Anti-Virusver 9155.7MBwindows 8.1Download
Dr.Web Anti-Virusver 9155.7MBwindows 10Download

Eliminate other dangerous documents and also viruses from your own PC. Download Dr. Web Antivirus 2016 for complete PC protection against web hazards. Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016recent full version can be downloaded for your Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 32 bit or 64 bit PC. It is the best security software that gives an outstanding virus detection ratio with real-time guard, while causing a small presence on system assets.

Uses of  Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016:

Although the software is an offline installer and doesn’t require installation, it provides a comprehensive scan and has many of the configuration options with a fuller-featured version. The software provides you with lots of statistics on its scans and discoveries and automatically creates records in case of over-enthusiastic deletion.

Why Download Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016?    

Dr. Web Antivirus 2016 supports multiple languages, comes with no installation required, customizable scan priority, easy to use, supports wide range of network protocols, reduced traffic, low administration cost, automatically creates change logs, transparent operation and exceptional scalability.

Comparison of Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016 with other :   

As compared to other antivirus software, Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016 has received many state certificates and awards for being the best antivirus software among all. The software has developed its own state-of-the-art technologies to detect and cure malware. Its parental control ability, advanced firewall, protection from encryption ransomware and HTTP monitor, makes the software stand out among all.

Key Features :   

Some of its features are:Supports most existing formats of packed files and archives,can be installed on infected computer, compact virus database and light updates, uses the single scanner engine and virus database for different operating systems and low impact on system performance.


Dr.Web Anti-Virus 2016 is the best security software to ensure the maximum computer defense against web risks, Its availability in freeware version allows you to download the software for free.

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