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Download JetAudio Media Player 8.1.4 Basic

Date added: 23/02/2016

Download the latest JetAudio Media Player , an all round multimedia player which plays various multimedia files in one player.

JetAudio Media Player Available in Basic and Plus Editions:

JetAudio offers various portable MP3 players and different multimedia software that help you to stay musically connected while on the move. The multimedia players are an amazing buy as they are very cost friendly and gives you brilliant performance. You can use the MP3 players for recording purposes as well. The software has many different tools that can help to create music. You can download the trial version for free and then purchase the software when you are satisfied with the product .

The software has many features apart from the actual media playing functions, you can use it to burn and rip files. You can even use it for file conversion and external recording. If you require to broadcast your work, you can easily do it with the special features of the software. It comes with an alarm utility and timer that helps you to control different computer functions. The software can he heavily customized according to your requirements and gives a high level performance.

Features of JetAudio plyer Latest version :

  • The JetAudio MP3 players can be used for recording purposes.
  • It supports various analog sources of line in input
  • The JetAudio software can be used to rip and convert audio CD’s.
  • It can be used to perform video and MP3 encoding.

Why is JetAudio the best choice for media players?

Jet Audio Player has a special sound effect program that helps you to enhance the sound by using the special sound effector features. It has special features like Silence detector which is not available in most media players. You can use the audio mixing recorder and the different features to record audio and then broadcast it. The media player and the software together gives world class performance. It is packed with additional features and is compatible with 57 formats of files .

Conclusion : The JetAudio MP3 player and software is a very valuable buy. It is very user friendly and can support up to 200 different language options.

Download JetAudio Player For Free.

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