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Category Page Content Guidelines

General Information You must Know  before Writing:

What is Go4download.com

go4downlaod.com is a portal  offers free software’s and drivers download along with software reviews, comparison,   installation guidelines and other guidelines.

What is category page?

Category page means it contains a list of drivers categorized based on brand names  displayed on our website for download. When User click on the specific brand name he will landed on to a page which contains a set of drivers for downloading in a table Format     

Content formats:


Description is what shows your article title on search engines. A good description is between 160 and 180 characters and tells an accurate description of what the article is about.

Sample Descriptions Link For Your reference:



 Here you need expose about drivers download based on category and sub category. The content  must be in the way of offer, confidence, latest downloads.

 Why drivers important for “ type of device” ?

Under this section discuss about a particular device drivers, type of drivers, importance of each driver.

Type of Drivers: every printer comes with different drivers ex: post script driver, full featured driver, usb driver, net work printer driver, is based on manufacture.

Things to consider before downloading  driver:

Under this section write content by selecting effective topics. Selected topic must be “Even” and must be in “30 words” .



  • How to write Description?

Description shows article title on search engines. A good description is one that contains all the given keywords and must be in between 160 and 180 characters and tells an accurate description of what the article is about.

  • How to write article?

Review of article must be completely based on the features offered by manufacturer.  The article should be compliant to our standard format. Sample links are given below. For style of writing and more information you can refer downlaod.com, softpedia.com and softonic.com  but don’t copy content from there.

  • Why word limit is important for us?

Your article will be displayed in particular design on our website. If the word limit exceeds it spoils the design. So be compliant to our design.

  • How to select sub topics for “things to consider before downloading”?

Subtoics nmust be related to main topic and each topic must be have importance. General and lengthy topic names will not be accepted. it must be informative and effective


For Driver Article:

Brand Name, Model Number, Driver version, Types of Driver.    

For Antivirus Article:

User Interface, Compatibility,Security Tools, Pricing, License

  Sample articles for category Page:

Sample Article for Category page:



Sample Article Review:











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