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AV Security Suite – Free AntiVirus

Publisher: pcthreat.com
Date added: 15/10/2014

AV Security Suite offers an easy-to-use interface that has a comprehensive protection, AV Security Suite protected from every kind of malware, trojans, viruses, and spyware.
To provide a solution towards receiving an all-in-one security then AV Security Suite is the best. It will put a defense towards protecting your PC, your network and also to your identity. Whether you are busy in banking or having a leisure time with games and chats or surfing the social networking sites, you will be well guarded all the time by the AV Security Suite Pro.

AV Security Suite Updated Features:

Some of the key features that give the opportunity to AV Security Suite to get popular among the mob are discussed below:

    • As an improved feature in AV Security Suite, you will be offered intrusion guard and privacy tools.
    • The antispam protection has been improved in comparison to its previous versions.
    • The AV Security consists of a superb Parental Control to put a limit on browsing the internet by your kids.
    • The firewall has been provided with a much-improved class.
    • Through AV Security Suite you will be given prevention against antiphishing.
    • More importantly, you will be provided an advantage of installing it in up to three PC in one household.

How the Security Suite gets to work: While explaining about its working let us discuss it gets set into your PC:

  • AV internet Security Suite regular protection against virus and spyware identifies, removes and blocks all the programs that are not required. Such unwanted programs include trojans, worms, viruses, and the other variety of demolishing program codes that even affects the performance of the computer.
  • AV Security consists of a proactive protection against malware that has significant features like Exploit Detection and DNA Matching.
  • AV internet Security Suite improved antispam wipes out all the illicit program codes in your inbox.
  • Its Rootkit detection feature discovers and erases the hidden code that gets utilized in stealth mechanism.
  • Thus the AV Antivirus Security Suite PRO embraces all the features that help it to score well in the hard competition of security suites.
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