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Aurora Bluray Media Player

Publisher: bluray-player-software.com
License: Trail version
Filesize: 33.2 MB
Date added: 02/03/2016

Download and Install Free Aurora Bluray Media Player For Windows 10,7 ,8 32 Bit, 64 Bit users to play all Blu-ray Videos and Movies.

Aurora Bluray Media Player Download For Windows 7,Windows 8,Win 10 :

Aurora Bluray Media Player

Software NameSoftware VersionFile VersionOperating SystemDownload Link
Aurora Bluray PlayerVer 2.18.732.87 MBWindows 7 ( 32bit / 64 bit )Download
Aurora Bluray PlayerVer 2.18.732.87 MBWindows 8 ( 32bit / 64 bit )Download
Aurora Bluray PlayerVer 2.18.732.87 MBWindows 8.1 ( 32bit / 64 bit )Download
Aurora Bluray PlayerVer 2.18.732.87 MBWindows 10 ( 32bit / 64 bit )Download

Aurora Bluray Overview : 

When you want to play your media files in all formats without converting them to various formats then Aurora is the best Bluray DVD/Video/Movie player where you can play your multimedia files into various formats.  Aurora supports multiple functionalities which play Blu-ray DVD disc, Blu-ray ISO files, MPEG, MP4, 3GP Blue ray disks and different video formats. It is a kind of DVD player, image viewer, audio and video player for any windows operating system like windows 7, Windows 8.

Key Features of Aurora Bluray Media Player :

Aurora Blu-ray media player supports multiple formats with high definition. You can deinterlace the interlaced movies that will reduce heavy CPU consumption. You can experience multiple audio track output with high quality. Aurora supports DTS-HD and AC3/DTS 5.1 audio. Aurora provides subtitles for movies. Aurora Blu-ray media player Free Download For Windows 7,8,windows 10.

How Aurora Bluray Media Player Download  Helps:

Major advantage of Aurora media player is that it supports social media sharing, where sharing on multiple platforms can help to know reviews. You can control playback by several options comprise in the media player. High quality videos have perfect audio playback with advanced features. In windows aurora supports DTS 7.1, DTS HD, AC3/DTS 5.1,

Aurora is the toughest competitor for its opponents with its advanced features.Aurora Blu-ray player supports any Microsoft Windows and Mac platforms where some players raise compatibility issues. ISO files are played with good quality, you can control Blu-ray playback.Aurora has High-security features where you can play various media files.Aurora Blu-ray media player free download is available on its official website and installs safely.

Cons of using Aurora Blu-ray media player Crack and Key gens :

1. Watermarks are a major disappointment for unregistered users, better to have paid version.Original

2. Original blu-ray menus are not used.

3. Do not support 3D playback, Very low audio playback.

Aurora Bluray Media Player Download Conclusion:

Download Aurora Bluray Media Player high definition media player that supports various media players and has a universal performance with world class rank.

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