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Xlive.dll Download

Date added: 25/12/2013
Downloads: 3,088 views

Download and install Xlive.dll file and resolve the missing error for windows xp, 7 and 8 32/64 bit.

File Specifications:
Description: xlive.dll file
Publisher: Microsoft
File size: 8.37 MB
Language: English

Simple Steps To Download xlive.dll file?

• Download xlive.dll file here.
• Wait for the download to complete and save it in your hard drive

Quick Steps To Install xlive.dll file?

• After download is complete copy the downloaded xlive.dll file to the same folder as the software executable (.exe) file.
• If you are not aware of the software location, copy the downloaded .DLL file to your /windows/system32/ folder
• Try to take the backup of the old .dll file just in case
• Re-start your PC or laptop after completion of above steps
• If the problem still persist, Please contact us here to get help with the issue

Easy Steps To register xlive.dll file?

• Go to Windows Start panel & click on Run
• Enter REGSVR32 your filename.dll and click enter
• If the .dll file is not copied in your /windows/system32/ folder, Please copy it or enter the file path before the filename.dll
• Your .dll is registered and hopefully the errors will be rectified

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