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SAMSUNG ML1666 drivers download: Free drivers download and install SAMSUNG ML 1666 printer drivers for Windows 2000, Windows xp, Windows vista and Windows 7

SAMSUNG ML 1666 Driver Downlaod

Drivers SpecificationExternal DownloadFile Size
SAMSUNG ML-1666 Print DriverDownload29.91(MB)
SAMSUNG ML-1666 Print Driver Download Download3.59(MB)

Samsung ml 1666 is an ultra-small monochrome laser printer which is specifically designed to fulfill the consumers need. With its simple one touch button, it immediately offers a ripid, easy and an excellent printings. This monochrome laser printer is a budget printer with its special design, features and performance comes into the market at a very affordable price of Rs. 5,499/-(INR)

Samsung ml 1666 Printer Drivers specifications:

Below is the list of drivers for Samsung ml 1666 printer that are compatible with all operating systems.

Samsung ml 1666 Universal Print Driver : universal print driver enables the printing function and gives a high quality texts and graphics. This Driver:
Released date: 2012.07.03
File size: 20.2MB
Samsung ml 1666 Print Driver(Including Smart Panel) : This driver allows the applications in doing printing process. This Driver:
Released date: 2011.10.10
File size: 17.36MB

Samsung ml 1666 Printer Specifications:

• Processor: 150MHz
• Print Screen button: Allows you to print contents on your screen or desktop easily
• Print resolution: Up to 1200 x 600 dpi effective output
• Memory: 8MB and interface: Full Speed USB 2.0
• Noise level: Less than 49dBA (Printing), Less than 25dBA (Standby).
• Compatibles on OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/2003 Server/2008 Server, Mac OS X 10.3 ~ 10.6, Various Linux OS

Samsung ml 1666 Printer Drivers Installation Guide:

Select any one driver which works with your operating system. Installing the wrong driver will not harm your pc, but will provoke you that you are installing a wrong driver. Just click on the selected driver’s download link and save the file in exe. Format and when you double-click on the exe.file, then installation process starts. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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