Zs4 Video Editor

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Date added: 17/10/2014

Download Zs4 Video Editor that enables you to edit flash videos and movies using preloaded editing functions, add-ons, and advanced features to crop, trim, zoom, pan, add transition effects, mix audio and videos and more.

Zs4 Video Editor Download:

Download Zs4 Video Editor integrated with varied set of 90 built-in advanced video effects to add your videos the cool transition and special effects like colors, chroma keying, pattern effects, deformation effects and many others to make your videos turn into something very professional, personalized and stunning.

The user friendly interface of Zs4 Video Editor makes the most downloaded and best video editor software available to use even by the beginner or expert designed. Zs4 Video Editor gives complete control to adjust and set wide range of pre-set editable options available at fingertips to tweak with on-the-fly including crop, zoom, rotation, key smoother, zoom, adjust hue, contrast, saturation, brightness,  rgba, yuv etc, eliminating blurs and unneeded video fragments and add unlimited video effects  for every video file to produce high resolution video outputs.

Zs4 Video Editor is a versatile media editor tool to edit or combine images, videos and audios into high quality compact video outputs out of raw, boring and tedious video files.

How Zs4 Video Editor works?

Download, install and run Zs4 Video Editor on your digital device. Now, select the video footage or clip that you want to edit using Pinnacle Zs4 Video Edit Software, where a window opens up showing you the original video contents and preview video contents where changes have been made side-by-side.

As Zs4 Video Edit Software is complimented with numerous editing features and transition effects, click on “effects” button to adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation, resolution and much more all in a preset defined modern interface.

Once you are done applying Zs4 Video Edit Software’s special transition effects, get on to the actual work of merging, interlacing, cutting cropping, zooming and others.

•         Add effects by clicking on “effect” button where a list of preset options pops up for you to customize.

•          Trim videos setting start/end time, dragging slider bar or clicking on start/end button directly.

•          Crop the videos selecting crop mode, adjust crop frame or by setting crop values.

Add miscellaneous elements like watermark, titles, and captions using Zs4 Video Edit Software advanced editing capabilities to make your raw videos more personalized by setting horizontal and vertical values or by simply dragging things on to the frame. Zs4 Video Edit Software offers exceptional support for numerous video and audio file formats to save edited output videos to the video formats that your mobile device supports.

 Zs4 Video Editor Minimum System Requirements

•          Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 & 8

•          Intel / AMD Processor at 2500 MHz or higher

•          1 GB RAM or higher

•          Windows compatible sound card

•          32-bit color depth display

•          Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or later


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