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Yahoo Messenger

Date added: 17/11/2010
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Yahoo Messenger  9.0 updates:

Those who are using Yahoo messenger 9.0 can now have the free download of the next new version Yahoo Messenger 10 which is dynamic. The latest update has features more than ordinary Instant Messenger software. It is full of new advanced features like High quality video calls, New Yahoo updates in the contact list, multilingual support for nearly 16 languages, and additional new icons for video calls. The messages can be sent instantly within the next second to a single friend or the entire group in the conference. The new version of Yahoo Messenger 10 supports to SMS service to the mobile phones for free of cost. There is also an option of lowest charged PC-to-PC and PC-to-Phone calls along with free voice mail. The integrated media player allows the user to watch and share web videos and photos to have real fun with their friends.

Yahoo Messenger  9.0 Overview:

Apart from all the functions of an Internet Instant messenger that Yahoo Messenger has been performing over the years, now with this version you can make calls through the messenger. The improvements do not stop there.
The Yahoo Messenger allows for customized stealth settings, and status messages. You can share files up to the size of 2GB, and also share videos. Sharing happens in real time and it does not therefore affect your messenger chat or voice calls. You can chat with one or start conversation with a group.

Yahoo Messenger supports phone calls for free from PC to Phone or send an SMS, there is also the option to call PC-to-PC. With emoticons that can work both in chat window to your status messages, along with IMVironments and Avatars you can create your own theme for the chat experience. If Yahoo Messenger is security that you are worried about then if you have Norton Antivirus or Internet Security  2007/2008 you are automatically protected from any malware that may enter through the messenger. However what happens to the users who do not have these systems of protection is still a question.


  1. Where can I download Yahoo Messenger for blackberry mobile? This yahoo messenger supports for my mobile? please let me know the yahoo Messenger 10 for mobile download link.

  2. Yahoo messenger login error?
    Am unable to signing to yahoo messenger…My internet is working perfectly and am able to brows all websites in including yahoo in mozilla firefox browser. But internet explorer in not working Already I checked virus, there is no virus I have licensed Norton internet security 2009. Any body guide me how can I chat yahoo messenger I my system.

  3. Where can I download latest yahoo massager direct installer?
    I am using internet through mobile, am trying to install yahoo messenger from setup exe file. After installing is taking more time for online updates. Due to of my internet speed getting yahoo messenger installation error, how can I install yahoo messenger with out internet connection, it means with out online updates.

  4. How to use yahoo messenger old version?

    I have one old laptop in home, am using tins system as standby. So it is configured with windows 2000. Am unable to chat through yahoo messenger in this system. Every time is giving message that “updates your yahoo messenger”. Unfortunately I don’t have Hard disk space in my system. It is free of 200 mb only. How can I use old version yahoo messenger, with out updating and downloading the yahoo massager. How can I download yahoo messenger new version?

  5. I have 2 laptops .. one with XP and the other with vista .. in both I have installed the latest Yahoo massenger 10 .. yet in both the voice chat is not active. though in the test it shows that mic and speakers are ok . any idea wat to do ?

  6. i have one laptop . which i had yahoo messenger. i lost it becouse i have a new heard disk.please help me to have it. thank you.


  8. I’m new for the yahoo messenger 9. The messenger yahoo was installed perfectly in my windows system with out conflicts. But this yahoo couldn’t place my voice call. Why this messenger doesn’t place the voice call from pc to pc

  9. I’m user of the yahoo messenger let me know how can I find the emoticats audible in messenger yahoo 9.

  10. I installed yahoo messenger 9 on my windows pc yahoo working properly until I installed bit defender 2010. After that every time I receive a message or click a contact to send a message Yahoo messenger closes automatically.
    I did the experiment on this issue as like first uninstall the BDIS then messenger yahoo work properly, next I re installed re-installed BDIS, then I got the same problem from yahoo messenger. Why both don’t work together?

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