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XAMPP Download and Get the LAMP Power without the complexity with XAMPP Download. XAMPP is a very user-friendly Apache distribution that contains MySQL, PHP and Perl.

XAMPP Download:

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XAMPP For Windows 7Download115.7MB

xampp windows 8

Apache web server is not easy to install and use – except with the XAMPP distribution. Get the LAMP Power without the complexity with XAMPP Download.

XAMPP: The ultimate Apache distribution.
XAMPP stands for
• X : (to be read as cross) and signifies cross-platform
• A : Apache HTTP server
• M : MySQL
• P : PHP
• P : Perl
You don’t really need much more to exploit the power of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP). To use XAMPP, all you need to do is download it, extract and you are ready to roll.
XAMPP is available in four different versions:
• for Linux
• for Windows
• for MAC OS
• for Solaris
So it is like versatility unmatched in the market, and what more, this is free and does not require any registry or configuration files to be edited, except when using the installer package specific to Windows. XAMPP does make you wonder if it could have been easier.

XAMPP Download And Installation Guide:

And once you feel that you are done with using XAMPP and don’t require it anymore, all you have to do is just delete the it directory and it’s done.
In its download XAMPP carries a small CD collection program and a small guest book software for the purpose of demonstrating its workability. So why wait further, download XAMPP today and experience the phenomenon called Life!

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