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Wifi Hopper Download

Date added: 18/05/2013
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The WiFi Hopper download will let you enjoy the combined features of a Network Discovery Site and Site Survey Tool along with a connection manager.

Wifi Hopper Download

The WiFi Hopper can let you connect to an unsecured WPA2-PSK, and WEP networks directly from inside the application itself. The WiFi Hopper is a good replacement for other common Windows and other manufactured wireless clients. The application is especially useful for professionals such as Programmers, QA Engineers, Network Administrators, Power Users, and  Security Professionals.

Wifi Hopper Features

The WiFi Hooper download will permit you to view details such as network mode, SSID, RSSI, encryption type, and channel including many others. You can use the network filters for filtering out the classes of networks and a GPS device can be utilized for pinpointing the access points. It is also armed with other additional features such as the signal graphing; WiFi can be utilized even for detection of signal congestion.

Wifi Hopper Connection Manager

The connection manager is much more transparent compared to Windows or other manufacturer products and allows you to remember your networks for automatic connection when they are available in the future.

Security And Auditing

The security feature of the WiFi Hopper can be utilized for detecting unsecured WiFi networks that are breaching network security along with letting you track unauthorized access points or interference that is affecting efficiency.

Detailed Features

The WiFi hopper download will let you enjoy  a lot of features and some of them are WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK Support, connection manager support with Network Profiles, the capability of setting  BSSID before connecting, capability of connecting to WEP networks by utilization of Shared Authorization, Windows 2000 support, display column lists that are customizable, and numerous other connectivity features such as connection to unsecured networks, connection to protected WEP networks,  connection to WPA-PSK (TKIP or CCMP) Networks, and  WPA2 –PSK networks.

Other Features

The other features of the WiFi Hopper include the various GPS features, data persistence features, connection manager features, filtering capability and visual features. The GPS features include the ability to let you connect to a Serial GPS device which is capable of an output of NEMA 0193 Sentences, and the capability of recording the location where the RSSI was highest or lowest in a wireless connection. The filtering capabilities are — Filter results based on Network Classes (802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g), on Network Modes with infrastructure and Ad-hoc, based on security levels, on 802.11b channel, and 802.11a channel. The data persistence features include the ability to let you save lists of networks to a file, the capability to allow you to auto save at a certain interval in a certain file, and the ability to load results for observation from a file or merge them with current results. There are numerous other features and aspects to the WiFi Hopper and downloading It can give you a powerful tool in the wireless network realm

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