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Vnc2swf Screen Recorder

Publisher: vnc2swf
License: Trial Version
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Date added: 16/10/2014

Download Vnc2swf Screen Recorder for windows that helps you record & convert screen recordings to amazing SWF or FLV video formats that can be customized, shared.

Vnc2swf Screen Recorder Download:

This screen recorder for windows makes FLV video files by make use of variety built-in tools. This free screen recorder for windows helps users at each step of recording with its well-designed GUI. You can expect ultimate file conversion, rapid record & featured interface in this recorder for windows beside of its obvious motto.

Vnc2swf Screen Recorder For Windows Advanced Features:

By considering distinct screen recorder for windows  in the market, Vnc2swf  recorder for windows permits you for managing its format into SWF or FLV format. The recorded video is by default with built-in names, extensions. It does not mean that you cannot create videos in different video formats like Flv, Swf. You can perform variety video creations with powerful conversion procedures with this recorder for windows. Quality delivered by this screen recorder for windows can be personalized with options comprise resolution, video format, framerate, color, quality, etc.

Recorders for windows is free, does not occupy much memory in your Pc, and works well. Ultimate goal of this free recorder for windows  is highly fulfilled with this recorder.  recorder for windows facilitates a VNC viewer to view recorded videos and can be shared using TCP/IP protocols.

Vnc2swf Screen Recorder Benefits:

  • Various business enterprises will use it to offer user a tutorial regards how to use a tool of software, kind of a product demo since it is free recorder.
  • Users will dig various settings, options available within webcam and uploads videos into you tube or in personal computers.
  • Many laptops, desktop provider companies like HP, DELL, Acer, Compaq uses this free recorder to illustrate user about new product features & specifications.
  • You can record cam screen to point out problem that acts as proof of the technical problem there by you will get clear technical assistance.

Basic System Requirements Of Vnc2swf Screen Recorder:

  • In order have Vnc2swf screen recorder in your Pc, your Os must be UNIX, Linux or Mac OS X.
  •  1GB RAM, 150 MHz Intel processor
  •  250MB Hard drive space

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