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Translate Plugin For Chrome

Publisher: Google
License: Trial Version
Price: $0
Date added: 26/01/2013
Downloads: 641 views

Translate Plugin For Chrome: Download Translate plugin to translate webpage into language of your choice instantly. Get this plugin and add translation capabilities to chrome.

Translate Plugin For Chrome Download:

Translate Plugin For Chrome

What Does Translate Plugin For Chrome Do?

Whenever you visit a webpage written in other language, this tool helps to convert the complete webpage into your desired language with one simple click.
Translate plugin provides automatic translation if you are seeing a website with other language. It knows when to notify you about translation since it maintains records of your previous visited websites. Based on the Google interface, it can provide you automatic translation. A banner will be appeared at the top of web page, click translate icon to have complete text in your desired language.
What’s New? You can manage extension options to get automatic translation and also avoids translate banner pop-up on chrome browser for other language websites.
Translator plugin for chrome is easy-to-operate and its current version is 1.2.4, can access all your browsing data. It is free from virus, contains no spyware, no adware, absolutely free tool. Download immediately to add translation abilities.

Installation Steps To Download Translate Plugin For Chrome Browser:

It is easy to add this plugin to chrome. Just follow below steps.
 Click “Download now” button located somewhere on this page to download the latest version of plug-in.
 Agree terms & conditions, Later you will get a window showing details about plugin such as features, privacy statements along with “Add to Chrome” button that appears at top right of window.
 Click on it, now you will see an icon is getting added onto address bar in your chrome browser. Click the icon to add translation functionalities on chrome browser. Find many more latest chrome plugins : Radio Plugin ChromeAdblock Plugin ChromeJava Plugin For Chrome.

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