TeamViewer 4.1

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Date added: 15/12/2009
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TeamViewer Ultimate solution for effective remote desktop sharing.

TeamViewer is your answer for the huge geographical distances from your customers, business partners, clients, or just about anyone with whom you would want to have seamless communication with. It bridges the gap, and makes your communication effective with your partner from any corner of the world.

TeamViewer 4.1 Download:

TeamViewer is an application which enables desktop sharing in a very streamlined manner. With Team Viewer, you can connect to any remote computer via the Internet, gain remote access and complete PC control. Once connected to the remote PC, you can view and enjoy complete access to the system; by which you would be able to perform any task you would want to from the particular system, gain access to the remote PCs software, tutor anyone about the usage of a particular software installed, hold a white board meeting, or conduct or demonstrate any desired task from the remote PC with being physically present in the location.

TeamViewer 4.1 Key features:

  • Unperturbed access through firewalls: Many desktop sharing applications face severe obstructions as they wouldn’t be able to connect through the firewalls. Team Viewer allows unperturbed flow for connection even through strong firewalls.
  • Highly secured: From having a quality seal for the application to owning several certificates issued by International bodies who define high security, Team Viewer is secure in every way possible. It also facilitates powerful encryption and coding.
  • File transfer: Team Viewer allows smooth file transfers from your computer to the remote PC you are connected to.
  • Unparalleled Support, Work, and Training: Team Viewer enables continuous support which you can offer to your customer; you can directly connect to their PC and fix the problems they are facing. You can conduct white board meetings with your business partners, clients, employees etc. It also enables a VPN connection. If you are offering online training, this application is the most suitable as it allows you to easily connect with the trainees PC and also record the sessions for future references. It also provides an instant messaging service.
  • Affordable prices: Team Viewer with all its rich features comes with an extremely affordable price.
  • Simple and impressive installation: Team Viewer offers simple installation and supports Windows and Apple computers.

TeamViewer 4.1  is a comprehensive application and the best solution for desktop sharing.

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