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TCP Optimizer Download

Publisher: speedguide
Date added: 13/10/2014

TCP Optimizer download and Tune up your internet connection, speed up your page loading and optimize your bandwidth.

TCP Optimizer Download

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The TCP optimizer can be used by both newbies and the experts to change the TCP parameters in the Windows registry, making it easier to tune the machine depending on the type of internet connection being used.
The TCP optimizer provides for easy tuning of all TCP parameters including the complex ones like Diffserv prioritization.
Though it is intended to be used by broadband users, it can be used to fine tune the slower connections such as dial-up and the faster ones like gigabit.

Why use the TCP optimizer in the first place?

The TCP optimizer download provides an interactive user interface that allows you to remove the bottlenecks in your TCP/IP settings and hence allows a free flow of bandwidth that increases your speed manifold.
The premise of the TCP Optimizer download is in the fact that most TCP/IP driver settings are optimized for connections of a far lower speed, such as dial-up and earlier DSL lines that didn’t go much beyond 256 kilobits per second.
Today’s internet connections no longer measure in Kbps but in Mbps – and hence need the TCP Optimizer download to fix the errors in driver configuration.

TCP Optimizer Key Features:

  • It is completely free.
  • It requires no installation, just download and run.
  • Can be used for all types of internet connections.
  • And has a user base running in millions.
  • The TCP optimizer download is easy to use, but still any difficulties in operating can be overcome with the help of the TCP optimizer documentation that comes with the package.

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