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Tata Photon Plus EpiValley 8089 Driver Download

Date added: 26/09/2014
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Download Tata Photon Plus Driver for EpiValley 8089 which supports both windows 7 and windows 8 OS, along with complete installation guide in connecting your laptop to internet.

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Tata Photon Plus Driver

If you are seeker of dialer for Tata Photon Plus Driver for EpiValley 8089 USB data modem, then this site make you feel relaxed by providing free Tata Photon Plus Driver EpiValley 8089 modem Dailer at no cost with benefit of free installation guide as well.
You must meet below minimum System Requirements to download Tata Photon Plus Driver for EpiValley 8089 Driver
PC should have USB port.

Tata Photon Plus Driver Installation Requirement:

  • Os must be anyone among Windows 2000/XP Sp2/Sp3/7/vista, Mac Os X10.5/10.6, Linux Ubuntu 10.04/9.10
  • System display resolution must be higher than 800×600 pixels
  • Follow below guidelines to install Tata Photon plus Driver EpiValley 8089 Driver properly.

Tata Photon Plus Driver Installation Guide:

Click on dialer download link as per your operating system, Connect modem to your Pc via USB port, then automatically, “Auto Run” starts then installation wizard opens up. If this is not happened, go to location where Tata Photon Plus Driver is downloaded and click ‘Auto Run.exe’ file. Follow serial installation instructions, Click ‘finish’ to complete setup process
Post-Installation Process:

  • Once, Tata Photon Plus Driver installation completes, Tata Photon Dialer icon will be added to Tata photon folder.
  • Double-click on dialer icon
  • Dialer window open up with continue option
  • Click ‘continue’, then another window appears asks you to enter pin number
  • Choose which kind of services you want either ‘prepaid’ or ‘postpaid ‘
  • Scratch out silver part on your activation card that comes along with modem
  • Enter 14-digit pin number and click ‘Activate’
  • You can see Tata Photon Plus Driver activation progress in a window
  • Then, Click ‘ok’ to activate
  • Then click ‘connect’ to start browsing internet

Note: if activation fails, then repeat the steps 7 to 10 to make activation success.
Need Help to Uninstall Tata Photon plus EpiValley 8089 Driver?
The process is very simple. Just close all applications, pull out Tata Photon plus EpiValley 8089 USB modem from laptop or system, then Control panel-> add/remove programs-> choose the dialer and remove-> click ‘finish’ to get rid of the driver permanently.

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