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Supersonic MP3 Audio Player

License: Trial Version
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Date added: 13/10/2014

Have you been searching for best Digital Audio Player, then you could always love using Supersonic MP3 Audio Player which has built-in Flash Memory and FM Radio, which proficiently plays your audio file, voice recordings, etc in MP3, AAC, ASF, etc audio formats with several audio effects.

Supersonic MP3 Audio Player Download:

Supersonic MP3 Audio Player is well-known as Digital Audio Player which has user-friendly interface with several options such as play, stop, pause, previous, next, etc. You can simple add your audio files/music streams in the music library with total audio file information like properties, title, type, artist, etc as it encoded with built-in flash memory. Build your new M3U and PLS playlists with selected online audio streams, audio files easily from your music folder or internet. Enjoy FM Radio on this player because it integrated with FM Radio which is connected to all FM radio channels via audio signals/ micro waves.
Supersonic MP3 Digital Audio Player records real-time speeches, voice, music, lectures, etc with support of built-in Microphone. This player supports various audio formats such as MP3, ASF, FLAC, WMA, MP2, WAV, etc to play desired audio files on numerous devices with multiple audio playing modes.

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