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SpywareBlaster 5.0

Publisher: BrightFort
Filesize: 3.91MB
Date added: 04/10/2013
Downloads: 1,507 views

SpywareBlaster 5.0 Download: Download SpywareBlater 5.0 the most popular and reliable malicious software and malware blocker software reaching from your computer.

SpywareBlaster 5.0 Download:

SoftwareFile SizeDownload Link
SpywareBlaster 5.03.91MBDownload

SpywareBlaster Review:

The ever growing internet usage by today’s digital world, you can find your computer to be a host of malicious spyware and unwanted fiends by simply browsing through web pages that hide malicious software. Keep your system secure and Spyware-free with SpywareBlaster 5.0 the most powerful, simple, effective and trusted protection programs available.

SpywareBlaster 5.0 as the name clearly hints is popular, dynamic yet reliable killbit anti-spyware browsers vaccine designed to quickly detect and eliminate malicious programs, cookies, adware, browser hijackers, keyloggers, rootkits, Trojan horses, dialers, ActiveX controls added to blacklists of Internet Explorer and Firefox, installation of ActiveX malware, and restrict access to dangerous sites effectively.

How it works?
The approach used in this killbit program is different from many other anti-spyware programs out there which blacklist the CLSID of various malware programs preventing them from infecting the computer by offering the user to “scan” the hard drives.

Spyware Blaster 4.6 Features:

Spyware is a snapshot feature protects your system in its uncontaminated state, it is quick and easy updating installation stays active giving latest threats up dates.
It safeguards your computer system in multi-angle from blocked cookies, hazardous websites and keeps your system in track to browse in Mozilla Fire Fox, IE, Netscape, Opera, and Netsurf etc.
Spyware blaster is a dominant flash killer and very smart tool comes with advance recent version of Turbo-update technology secures your system against ad wares, dialers, Trojan horses, Melissa, Storm worm and many other malicious spywares.
It is free companion and light software product keeps, restores and updates your system in electrify condition.
Keep the bad guys out!!!

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