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Date added: 27/08/2013
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To read only the pages that might interest you or split a large PDF file into smaller parts or chapters, download the Split PDF, an efficient and very easy to use tool.

Split PDF Download:

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Why We Need Split PDF:

The major disadvantage of PDF documents is that they are not editable documents. But what if you need to take only a few excerpts, images, pages or want to divide the document into chapters? This is possible with Split PDF. With it, you will be able to split your PDF documents by choosing which pages will be maintained or extracted from the original.

Split PDF Features And Highlights:

Using PDF Split is extremely simple: in Split PDF click “Pick a file” and locate the document into your computer. Then in the empty boxes below, fill in with numbers the range of pages you want to get, finally, click “Split PDF” and wait for the process to end, which is usually about a minute for a 5MB file.

Quality: everything is done very quickly and efficiently, without loss of quality compared to the original document. You can get a brand new PDF in minutes. You can also print the final work directly to your default printer.

Quantity: Split PDF can be used from the command line, where you can specify in a text document the characteristics of each cut that you will be performing in the original document, and the name of each new file. So you can process hundreds of PDF documents in minutes.

Usability: you can split PDF files using useful available parameters such as split by page, separated by page range, split by size (KB), and divided by odd or even pages. The size optimization is 50% better than in other tools.

Utility: you are trying to send a file in PDF format by email and is failing because of the size of the file? Download the Split PDF and split your PDF files into multiple smaller files.

Online free version: all you need to do is send your document, up to 20MB, for the site and choose which pages will be divided and click the “split PDF” button. After the end of the process, your file will be deleted from the site servers.

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