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Silverlight Plugin For Chrome

Publisher: Google
License: Trial Version
Price: $0
Date added: 26/09/2014
Downloads: 1,971 views

Silverlight Plugin For Chrome Download Silverlight Plugin For Chrome which is designed to offer a new viewing experience for rich interactive apps including animations, videos and interactive interfaces on chrome.

Silverlight Plugin For Chrome Download

Plugin For Chrome

Silverlight Plugin For Chrome enables all new interactive media experience in viewing rich media business apps, immersive mobile apps, such as high quality videos or interactive web apps, in your chrome browser or to properly display specific website contents in a more subtle manner.

Silverlight Plugin For Chrome Overview:

The smoother streaming, DRM management and an out-of browser player advanced features clears up streaming programs or bandwidths below 3MBPs so that video is not affected. Moreover, Silverlight Plugin For Chrome streams high resolution videos, supports HD-Quality videos and much more.

Create and work with vector graphics as well as text, animations and overlays that interact with graphics and high-quality effects, generate new solutions with high quality of transmission and much more with the amazing Silverlight Plugin For Chrome.

Download Silverlight Plugin For Chrome Instructions:

• Click on”download” link
• When the download is finished, you can click the Setup button in the downloads bar of Chrome.
• Follow the instructions on the screen to Install Silverlight Plugin For Chrome.
• Check the box “Enable Microsoft Update” to ensure that the plug-in to date.

Enable or disable silverlight Plugin For Chrome:
• Type chrome:plugins in the address bar.
• Find Silverlight
• Click Disable to stop the plug-in from running.
• Click Enable to re-enable the plug-in.

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