Date added: 15/10/2014
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The SeaMonkey is an all in one internet software suite and is a web browser from Mozilla SeaMonkey is a 64 bit build for x64 Windows platform. It’s a web browser with advanced Email and news group client, HTML editing and a IRC chat client which the user gets the answers to all his internet needs in one application. Viable option for advanced web users the SeaMonkey provides web users and developers vast amount of features which gives the user ease while dealing with the net since it contains almost every feature that a user requires while working on the web. The SeaMonkey has a x 64 build with an unofficial binary which doesn’t work on 32 bit windows and it doesn’t matter even if you use the AMD64 or Intel EM64T supports. SeaMonkey does not contain any spyware and has fully tested and reviewed files. SeaMonkey can easily download and store from the internet and also can manage favorites of the user. Its interface is clear giving the user acklear view of the pages he has bookmarked and also provides the history in which the user can easily see or revisit the pages he has visited.

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