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Download  the recent updated version 5.60 of Samsung ML 1520 printer drivers appropriate to your OS and improve the SAMSUNG ML 1520 printer performance to achieve maximum productivity.

SAMSUNG ML 1520 Driver Download

SAMSUNG ML 1520 Drivers Download

SAMSUNG ML 1520 GDI Print Driver For Windows 7, Xp and Vista
SAMSUNG ML 1520 Basic Print Driver For Xp
SAMSUNG ML 1520 Basic Print Driver For Windows 7, And Vista
SAMSUNG ML 1520 Universal Print Driver For Windows 7, Xp and Vista

Is your installation CD of Samsung ML 1520 is lost or you are facing serious issues with your existing driver? Here you can download the latest new version 5.60 which is integrated with improved features. The printer driver once installed on the PC offers instantaneous delivery of sharp clarity of printing at the best sped of 14PPM. The new version supports almost all windows OS such as Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 7.

Samsung ML 1520 Driver Download And Installation Guide:

Just clicking the link and following on-screen instructions, the Samsung ML 1520 driver can be installed. Once the link is clicked, a screen pops up and prompts you to save the executable driver file. The file can be saved in an easy accessible location, later browsed and executed to start the installation process. Move along the step-by-step instruction and complete the installation

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