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Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend

Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend Publisher: Samsung
Date added: 08/01/2014
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Utilize the samsung kies for galaxy legend to transfer your files, music and videos from PC (windows, MAC) to samsung legend windows or android phones.

Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend Download:


Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend is a file management program designed specifically for Samsung mobile phones. Its many key features combine to form an all-encompassing program suitable for transferring and synchronizing files between multiple smart devices and computers.

Salient Features of Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend:

  • Connectivity is also something that Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend caters to as it has a direct connection to the Samsung Apps Store and provides notifications as soon as a new update is released.
  • There are numerous other multimedia management features that Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend offers such as creating slideshows, managing photo albums, and organizing audio or video files.
  • Samsung Kies is designed to support virtually all devices from Samsung as well as computers with operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS.

Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend Installation Guide:

To install Samsung Kies For Galaxy Legend into your PC, download the setup from go4download.com and run it inro your PC. The setup has self guiding instruction so adhere to the installation instructions given at each level. Once the installation is complete, be connect your Samsung device via USB cable and sync it with your PC. This will allow you share data and multimedia files from your PC to your device and vice versa.

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