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Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame

Publisher: Samsung
Date added: 08/01/2014
Downloads: 432 views

The page allows you to download and install Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame to move or copy files and music from PC to mobiles with support to windows and MAC.

Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame Download:

File DescriptionDownload Link
Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame Windows 7 32/64 bitDownload
Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame Windows 8 32/64 bitDownload
Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame Windows Vista 32/64 bitDownload
Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame For MACDownload

Key Features of Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame are:

a) Data Backup
With Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame, you can create backups of your data. Here, you will physically copy data files to a storage device, for additional protection and recovery as needed.
b) File Exchange
You can also use this tool to exchange multimedia files with other users. The great thing is that the software enables you to transfer files between your Samsung mobile device and a Mac or Windows PC. This is practical when you need to copy mobile files from a computer to a phone or vice versa.
c) Syncing
You can also use Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame to sync your contacts with those on Outlook, Yahoo or Google. For this, you only need to create a favorite music playlist and sync it with your mobile device. Kies also allows you to sync videos and photos.

Samsung Kies For Galaxy Fame Installation Steps:

• Download the New version of Kies file and save it to your PC/Laptop
• Click on the installer to start installing the product
• Run the installed Kies application, a security prompt may pop up in which case choose to allow Kies access
• Connect your Samsung device through USB; ensure your devices USB settings are set to Samsung Kies before connecting it into your PC/Laptop
• Now you can transfer /Share Pictures, Files and videos from your PC/ Laptop to your Samsung device with ease and precision

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