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Date added: 15/04/2011
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Showing quite a lot of similarity with the Hang On, the Road rash is a third person view and consists of players who are into a race in bike and continue racing undertaking all the illegal means. Being the player you have to complete the race being atleast third otherwise you have to make a new beginning of it. Unless you complete coming third you will not be allowed to go to its next level. As you are proceeding with the levels you will get to see that the race is becoming faster and the opponents are into an extremely fast race.


Roadrash Game Highlights:

Within the game the vehicle of the player which is a bike has been boasted smoothly in comparison to the other vehicles of the older games. Herein road rash being the player you have to be contended with each of its grade changes and also to its physics.
Each of the crash animations are also drawn with so much fun and amusing that it cannot be compared to any of the older times racing games. The game environment has also been outlined with much clarity and realism. Each of its streets consists of street signs, trees, human beings and other livestock. With its combat elements the game stands alone as one of the biker’s favorite and separates it from its other buddy video games.
Start racing and win over some of the most interest and fabulous things that you have dreamt of. Download it and get entertained with its real look and feel environment.
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