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Realtek AC97

Date added: 03/01/2011
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Realtek AC97 Driver Download page: Here you can download realtek AC97  High Definition Audio Driver including realtek AC97 windows xp driver and realtek AC97 windows vista Driver.

Realtek AC’97 Rev 2.3 compatible High Definition Audio CODEC With 18-bit ADC and 20-bit DAC full duplex ALC250 CODEC is designed for ultimate high definition audio experience. Its design is based on AMR/CNR and comprises of host and soft audio featured for multimedia PC systems.

With ALC250 you can achieve SNR as high as 100 dB. Realtek AC97 is facilitated with Universal Audio Jack® and senses devices and has logic reporting. It endorses several CODEC developments with diverse sampling rates and in-built 3D effects. Being 3D™ Direct Sound compatible it is ideal for 3D games on PC and delightful for Voice recognition and Audio conferencing. Absolute incorporated audio solutions are delivered by free volume controls, stereo input and outputs of two pairs along with mono output and input features. Realtek AC97 high definition audio CODEC of realtek is incorporated with features as mute, flexi mixing and gain too.

Intel ICHx along with audio controls centered VIA/ALI/SSI/AMD/ATI and nVIDIA are all compatible with ALC250 CODEC. All the drivers of various versions of windows, Direct Sound 3D/ EAX/ A3D & I3DL2 attuned sound effect enhancers that tune in with Karaoke, 10-band equalizer and 26 kinds of sound emulation environment. Amalgamation with HRTF, Sensaura™ and 3D audio positional or 3DPA creates an incredible entertainment and gamming live through. The ALC250’ incorporated 50mW/20Ohm headset amplifier of audio with CODEC enhanced saving from BOM. 5V analog or a 3.3V digital supply of power is adequate to operate ALC250 through EAPD (External Amplifier Power Down). Being SPDIF compatible it enhances connection of PCs with other electronics as AC3 speakers, decoders and mini disks.

Realtek AC97  auto generates the clock and thus the external crystal is not required. ALC250 is also has embedded 7-band hardware digital equalizer for optimum speaker response for notebooks.

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