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Prototype Game Free Download

Publisher: prototypegame.com
License: Trial version
Date added: 09/10/2010
Downloads: 2,138 views

Download prototype pc game free, Prototype game is one of the open world video game and this game comprises story of the Alex Merce, free game prototype

Prototype game overview

Prototype Game Free Download

This game Developed by the Radical Entertainment, Prototype is one of the open world video game that got published by Activision. On 9th of June 2009, this entertainment game announced its opening ceremony in the North America whereas the southern parts of North America received the video game on 10th of June of the same year. The commencement also got announced in Oceania and Europe on 12th of June.


The game comprises of the story of Alex Mercer. One fine morning he wakes up in the basement slab of a morgue at Gentek. Gentek is a huge genetic engineering company of Manhattan which has its great influence all over the city. Anyhow he manages to escape from the place and tries to get back his memory so as to find how he came to the place. Soon he discovers his possession of certain shape shifting abilities within himself.

Next he makes contact with his sister Dana Mercer. Dana mercer is the lady who assisted Alex to track down targets that can shed down the lights of his past. Meanwhile Alex gets introduced with a woman in the 51st floor of Gentek building. Her name is Elizabeth Greene. She stands as the host for the virus that proven to be harmful for the city.

Check out from the Prototype video game how the plot moved step by step and Alex succeeded in recovering the city by abolishing the virus.




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