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Date added: 14/10/2014

Peerblock Download : Here you can download Peerblock Ip blacker software and prevent the unwanted traffic load on your net connection in your windows and linux systems

Do you wish to regulate the visiting traffic to your home or office computers? If yes, download free version of Peerblock software and prevent the unwanted traffic load on your net connection. This website provides you free download version of Peerblock software.

Peerblock is a freeware IP Blocker software for your home and office computers. This software monitors all the connections your computer makes or receives from other computers and blocks those connections which fall under “Known Bad” IP address.

Peerblock software Capabilities

  • Customizable Block List: – You can now customize and create your own block list to keep a check on the net traffic of your company. You can do this by marking the desired IP addresses to be blocked through the checklist provided by the software.
  • Block Entire Country If You Wish To: – You can now block the IP addresses of a whole country through this software.
  • Keep Away The Viruses And Malwares: – This system also allows you to keep away the viruses, malwares and hackers from your computer.

Peerblock software Key Features

  • Peerblock is a freeware and is available for download from this website.
  • You can save your computer from viruses and malwares through this software.
  • Prevent and checklist the unwanted connections to your computer through the customizable block list provided by the software.
  • You may also block the entire country through this software.
  • Cut down on heavy and unnecessary net traffic to your home or office connections through this software.

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