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Outlook Express is one the finest tools available to deal with private and commercial electronic mail solutions It caters to the communication requirements at work places, residences and schools. The latest version of Outlook express Windows Mail. This is a redecorated form of the advanced emailing system to explore communication and network attributes which help the users to be more productive. Through this, we can even join new communities to exchange ideas and information.

Outlook Express Product Capabilities:

Setting up an account from start to finish: This is a one time activity which is an easy process. This allows us to interact with other email accounts. We can work together with all sorts of internet service providers using windows mail. Each and every account in very much simplified in its own folder, but putting them in order. One can check all their email accounts by pressing a single button. One has to be aware of the email account, password and the service provider’s server details like, POP, SMTP and IMAP.
Add or remove a Windows Mail account: Opening the Windows Mail by clicking the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then click Windows Mail. Followed by this, Click the Tools menu, and then click Accounts Click Add, choose the type of account you want to add, click Next, and then go by the instructions mentioned.
Check for new e mail: Mails can be checked in two ways. One is by creating an automatic scheduler to run and the other one in replicating it manually by clicking send and receive.
View e mail messages: The easiest way to read a mail is to go through the same from the preview pane on Outlook Express. The other way to read the same is to open the mail in a new window and read it. To view the message in the Preview window, click the message in the message list and to see the mail in a different window, double-click the message in the message list. While one is at the different window to check the mails, Prev and Next buttons can be clicked to navigate the mails.
Write an e mail message: Writing an email is nothing but like writing in a word document. Upon completion of typing the mails, once has to either write the recipient’s email address or choose from the contact list and send it.
Open or save an attachment in Windows Mail: Windows mail can be used to send test mails, pictures and file enclosures. Mails that are sent with file attachments are indicated with a paperclip mark. The attachment can be clicked and opened or can be saved on the computer too.
What are newsgroups in Outlook Express: These are the forums where in people with common interests get together through mails, share information and discuss on the topics that they are interested. These groups can be read by any one who has been given the access to the group.
Find an e mail or newsgroup message: Outlook Express search box makes the job of the users easy to find any specific mail or a message from a news group. It is basically a filter option to search.
Block spam and other unwanted e mail: This option will help to keep the Outlook Express inbox away from unwanted mails. Once these mails are identified, they can be either deleted or moved to some other folders, without opening them. Mails from specific mails IDs can be blocked through this option. This option increases the secutiry level of the mailing system.
Import messages to Windows Mail from other e-mail programs: This particular option enables a user to switch over to windows mail from any other prior mailing system or software. Mails can be imported from Outlook express, MS Exchange or MS outlook.
Troubleshoot problems with Windows Mail: Trouble shoot mechanism will be very easier as the moment any email ID is input, Outlook express give the servers used by the other famous email services.

Outlook Express Key Features:

  • Windows Mail: Setting up an account from start to finish.
  • Add or remove a Windows Mail account.
  • Check for new e mail.
  • View e mail messages.
  • Write an e mail message.
  • Open or save an attachment in Windows Mail.
  • What are newsgroups?
  • Find an e mail or newsgroup message.
  • Block spam and other unwanted e mail.
  • Import messages to Windows Mail from other e-mail programs.
  • Troubleshoot problems with Windows M.

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