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Nokia N97 PC Suite software download with  installation guide, Download Install Nokia N97 PC Suite and link the mobile phone data to Windows-based PC, download  everything from your mobile phone to PC.

Nokia N97 PC Suite:
Driver Description: Download Nokia N97 PC Suites contain all the necessary modem drivers to enable connecting an off-line PC to the Internet using your mobile device
Driver Name: Nokia N97 PC Suite
Driver version: Ver 7.1
Driver size: 32.8 MB
Last updated: 22.01.2010
Driver Format : Exe format
Driver file name : Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_web.exe
Nokia N97 PC Suite Software Download
Windows XP (32,64 Bit)| Windows Vista (32,64 Bit) | Windows 7 (32,64 Bit)


Nokia N97 PC Suite Download and Installation Guide:

  • Before installation Nokia N97 mobile and PC has to be connected using a USB Cable.
  • Next step, the PC Suite software relevant for Nokia N97 has to be downloaded. For this, the user can click the link    and run the exe file.
  • The installation starts, Move along the instructions.
  • Once the installation is completed, the system has to be rebooted to activate the new settings.