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Nokia C2 Pc Suite Software

Publisher: nokia
Date added: 28/06/2011
Downloads: 4,680 views

Download latest version of Nokia c2 PC Suite software for windows XP and Vista to synchronize your Nokia c2 phone to your computer, Nokia c2 PC Suite helps you to stay connected with the Internet via your mobile phone

Nokia PC Suite Download Nokia C2 Mobile

Enjoy better Internet connectivity for hours at free of cost from your computer using Nokia 6700 slide PC suite. Download Nokia 6700 slide PC suit to sync your phone with computer to access phone’s data, upload, download, share anything you want.

Nokia C2 PC Suite software
Nokia C2 Mobile PC Suite Software latest 7.1 version with 32.8 MB download Free here
Driver Name: Nokia C2 PC Suite
Driver version: Ver 7.1
Driver size: 32.8 MB
Last updated: 22.01.N95
Driver Format : .Exe format
Driver file name : Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_web.exe
WinDows XP (32&64bit)| WinDows Vista (32&64bit)| WinDows 7(32&64bit)

Nokia Ovi Suite Download Nokia C2 Mobile

Connecting your phone to PC has become easy using Nokia c2 Ovi Suite to get connected with the Internet. With  Nokia c2 Ovi Suite, you can share, upload, download and do so many things besides accessing your phone’s data.

Nokia C2 Ovi Suite
Download Nokia Ovi Suite software Latest updated version 3.1
Driver Name: Nokia Ovi Suite
Driver version: Ver 3.1
Driver size: 90 MB
Last updated: 22.01.N95
Driver Format : Exe format
Driver file name:  Nokia_Ovi_Suite_webinstaller_ALL.exe
WinDows XP (32&64bit)| WinDows Vista (32&64bit)| WinDows 7(32&64bit)

Nokia c2 PC Suite Installation Guide:

  • For the installation, first click on the Nokia Suite link available here
  • Select [Run] or [Open] to initiate the installation.
  • Download: www.ieType.com/f.php?FRtlBA
  • Then, follow onscreen instructions one by one carefully.
  • After following all the steps, restart the system.

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