Nokia 9500 PC Suite

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Date added: 18/06/2011
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Nokia PC Suite for Nokia 9500 Communicator. This section guides you to download the Nokia PC Suite software for Nokia 9500 mobile phones. Download and use your mobile phone as modem to synchronize the data between Nokia 9500 and PC.

Nokia 9500 Windows PC Suite Software Download
Driver Description: The updated version Nokia 9500 PC Suite software download comes with compatible on windows pc
Driver Name: Nokia PC Suite
Driver version: 7.1
Driver size: 34.1 MB
Last updated: 28-Jan-05
Driver Format: .EXE
Nokia 9500 PC Suite Download
Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP


Nokia 9500 Modem Software Download
Driver Description: To enable your mobile phone Nokia 9500 as modem by download of Bluetooth driver for connecting internet
Driver Name: Bluetooth Modem Driver
Driver version: 7.1
Driver size: 6.0 KB
Last updated: 26-Apr-2006
Driver Format: .inf
Nokia 9500 Modem Software Download


Nokia Phone 9500 Ovi Suite Software Download
Driver Description: Download or install Nokia 9500 Ovi PC software absolutely free for Nokia 9500 phone only on windows 7, windows vista, windows xp
Driver Name: Nokia Ovi Suite
Driver version: 3.1
Driver size: 90 MB
Last updated: 22.01.2010
Driver Format: .EXE
Nokia 9500 Ovi Suite Download
Microsoft Windows 7 | Windows Vista | Windows XP

Nokia 9500 PC Suite Installation Guide:

  • From the following download list of Nokia PC Suite, select the right one appropriate to the OS available in your PC.
  • A dialog box pops up with option buttons listed. Select [Run] to execute the file
  • An installation guide is started. Follow the instructions carefully.
  • After few steps, the process reaches the final stage. Click [FINISH] and [Restart]
  • Nokia PC Suite is installed and ready to use.


  1. I am a business traveler and at most of my long travels I am not able to access internet. I have recently purchased Nokia 9500 communicator which has the compatibility to connect PC and support internet using a modem driver. Please let me know how to install the modem driver for Nokia 9500 to support my Windows XP PC?

  2. You can download the latest version 7.1 Nokia PC Suite software which includes the modem driver that supports Nokia 9500 for Windows XP OS. On installing this software, you can use your Nokia 9500 mobile as a modem and connect to the Internet. You can also coordinate the other data such as calendar, notes, contacts list etc from the mobile to the PC.

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