Nokia 5800 Pc Suite

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Date added: 21/06/2011
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Free download and installation of the latest version 7.1 of Nokia PC Suite software for Nokia 5800 model mobile phones. Install and access the internet in your PC through your Nokia mobile.

Nokia 5800 PC Suite software
Nokia 5800 PC Suite is now available latest 7.1 version of the on below link Download and install and Nokia device just like a modem device
Driver Name: Nokia 5800 PC Suite
Driver version: Ver 7.1
Driver size: 32.8 MB
Last updated: 22.01.2010
Driver Format : Exe format
Driver file name : Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_web.exe
WinDows XP (32&64bit)| WinDows Vista (32&64bit)| WinDows 7(32&64bit)
Nokia 5800 Ovi Suite
Click below Link and download and update Nokia 5800 Ovi Suite software free Download Last updated version 3.1
Driver Name: Nokia Ovi Suite
Driver version: Ver 3.1
Driver size: 90 MB
Last updated: 22.01.2010
Driver Format : Exe format
Driver file name : Nokia_Ovi_Suite_webinstaller_ALL.exe
WinDows XP (32&64bit)| WinDows Vista (32&64bit)| WinDows 7(32&64bit)

Nokia 5800 PC Suite software Installation Guide

Easy and quick download of Nokia PC Suite for Nokia 5800 mobile phones.

  • Connect your Nokia 5800 mobile to the PC through a USB.
  • Click “Download Nokia PC Suite” using the link provided.
  • Choose [Run] from the given options
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Finally, restart the system.


  1. hello,
    I face a major problem with the PC Suite SW and my Nokia 5800 mobile phone. I am often getting error when I synchronize the contacts between my Nokia 5800 mobile and Windows XP based PC. Suddenly, the process is halted. I have tried almost all possible ways out to rectify the problem.

    • What is the version of your PC Suite software? Kindly check and update it to the latest version 7.1 which has powerful set of features that allows you to have the best synchronization. But delete the old data before making the data sync. Try this, you would never fail.

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