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Nokia 5130 PC Suite

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Date added: 16/06/2011
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Want to make your Nokia 5130 mobile files compatible to work in your Windows based PC? Download and Install the powerful featured Nokia 5130 PC Suite software that allows you to synchronize calendar, contacts, notes, etc between the mobile device and PC at ease.

Nokia 5130 PC Suite Download:
Driver Description: Download Nokia 5130 XpressMusic PC Suites contain all the necessary modem drivers to enable connecting an off-line PC to the Internet using your mobile device
Driver Name: Nokia 5130 XpressMusic PC Suite
Driver version: Ver 7.1
Driver size: 32.8 MB
Last updated: 22.01.2010
Driver Format : Exe format
Driver file name : Nokia_PC_Suite_eng_web.exe
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic PC Suite Software Download
Windows XP (32,64 Bit)| Windows Vista (32,64 Bit) | Windows 7 (32,64 Bit)

I have received some of the good collections of music in my Nokia 5130 mobile phone. But when I plug the mobile to the PC and try to copy it in the PC, I am not able to do it? Do I require some specific software?

Yes, Exactly! You do require Nokia PC Suite software which is a driver and makes your Nokia 5130 mobile as a modem so that you can coordinate data between the mobile and PC. It is very simple and easy to install and supports the various Windows OS. Browse for Nokia PC Suite download and follow the on-screen instructions.

Nokia 5130 PC Suite Download and Installation Guide:

  • This page has a link for Nokia 5130 PC suite software. You can click on the link appropriate to the OS available in your PC
  • From the dialog box, choose [Run] to carry out the download process.
  • This downloads the exe file and starts the installation
  • Go along the instructions
  • After the completion, restart the PC

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