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Netfury Internet Accelerator is used to accelerate the speed of existing broadband connection up to 3 times for normal broad band ADSL, DSL broadband, Cable internet  users.

Netfury Internet Accelerator Download

Netfury Internet Accelerator  is used for the broad band connections of speed up to 1 MB. It is preferable for any internet connection to increase the download speed. As the subscription process and installation are simple, the usage of the net fury accelerator is increasing day by day. Not only it acts as a broadband accelerator, but also it is having pop-up blocker for pop-ups and user can configure to block the unwanted advertisements. In some cases the speed may reach up to 25 Xs. Finally a net fury accelerator is preferable to speed up the broadband connection.

Netfury Internet Accelerator Feature capabilities:

Netfury Internet Accelerator is used on operating systems like Microsoft Windows and MAC .The browser that are supported to the net fury accelerator are Microsoft internet explorer 5.5 and above, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft internet explorer 5.2(Mac), safari 1.2(Mac). Netfury Internet Accelerator is available to any system that has Internet Access.