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Date added: 18/10/2014
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Music Editor is powerful, efficient software to record, edit, share music files within no time. It comes with friendly interface & contain lots of special effects, tools to edit audio.

Music Editor Download:

Music Editor is said to be expert software available on our site which is used by global wide users. Its popularity gained because of its services that include audio editing, music recording, sharing, enhancing audio quality, etc. Take any category in these, Music Editor will show upper hand because its internal systems designed in such a way that it ensure faster editing always.

Music Editor Main Features:

Music Editor Software allows audio recording, editing, sharing, etc. As part of this, it allows you to record music from various devices include Media Players, Cell phones, Ipad, Ipod, even more devices. Music Editor allows MP3 or any other format audio as input and shows available effects, settings. In effects, there is a list that comprises Amplification, envelope, reverse, echo, reverb, Sample rate Conversion, etc.

Music Editor is also known as CD ripper or Burner which burns bunch of Mp3 files to CD for permanent storage. Editing comes with cut, split, merge, join, delete, insert, trim, paste, silence, etc tools which will appear when you right-click on corresponding audio file. Extra thing you need to do is exploring the interface to get more tools.
Featured Interface: The interface is user-friendly, intuitive & has essential options helpful for music editing. Once you are done with audio editing, you can share output music files onto social sites or export to mobile phones, devices to enjoy clear audio-play with outstanding quality.

Music Editor Pre-purchase Instructions:

There is no doubt in saying Music Editor is perfect software for audio editing, works with jet speed, available on our site offering a free trial. Grab this offer before it expires; click on above link to download this software. Hurry! Do not worry about its security since it contains anti virus engines and does not harm your device in any way. You need to follow few steps to install the software however isn’t that difficult. You can find more similar software like this on our site such as ALO Audio Editor, Mp3 Cut, Audio Music Editor, etc.

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