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Date added: 20/08/2013
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This page offer free mp3 duplicate finder for windows music players, download the software onto your PC with single click to find and remove duplicate songs and music files.

Mp3 duplicate finder is a computer program used to locate and eliminate duplicate Mp3 and wma music files on a disk.

Mp3 Duplicate Finder Download:

SoftwareDownload LinkFile SizeOS Compatibility
Mp3 Duplicate Finder Download1.45 MBWinows 7/Vista/2008/XP/2003

Why Mp3 Duplicate Finder?

Mp3 Duplicate Finder analyses the artist, title and album of the song and determines if there is a similar file to the file in question by sifting through all the other relevant files on a specific folder. If it finds any duplicate files, it goes ahead to delete, move or copy such a file.

Searches on the Duplicate Music File Finder can be narrowed down to specific files making it easier to locate duplicates with the most minimal of differences such as files that even have similar titles. At the end of the process, a list of duplicate files can be sorted and carried over to a HTML document report where further action is taken.

The benefits therefore include ; disk organization, disk space reclamation, minimized scanning needs and at the end of the day a better synchronization capability.

Mp3 Duplicate Finder Features:

  • Ability to reclaim disk space:

Reclaim lots of disk space with the Mp3 Duplicate Finder. Once duplicate files are located and deleted you will smile at a whole new life with greater disk space.

  • Locate duplicate folders from specific files:

Based on artist, title, album or file name you can now locate dupes with ease and speed. Simply enter your search item; artist name or album and run the finder. Everything just pops up!

  • Mp3 Duplicate Finder has an in-built media player:

Maybe you have seen a few other duplicate finders but with the media player the game is surely over. The simplicity is made even greater and filtering through files becomes fun.

  • Searches can be done on pc as well as over a network:

Sounds like a sweet dream? Well , sit back and relax as Mp3 Duplicate Finder scans your whole network picking up all duplicates and ‘black’ listing them.

  • Checks can be done on removable media:

Whether its the USB devices, floppy disks or CD Drives, this software will do its thing. It is worth taking the opportunity to check all your removable storage so that you only store what you need where you need it.

  • Compatible with Mp3 as well as wma:

These are some of the most widely used media file formats in the world and the fact that you can work on them from one Duplicate Finder is an achievement of its own.

  • Work on results from an HTML sheet:

Editing or actions such as moving or deleting is achieved much better from a HTML editor and that is exactly what this Mp3 Duplicate Finder has in store for you.

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