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Date added: 26/09/2014
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Moo0 Audio Player 1.55 download to play your best audio streams, playlists with seamless playback, which supports songs loading, playlist editing, song deleting or adding and many more.

Moo0 Audio Player Download

Moo0 Audio Player

Moo0 Audio Player is simple and easy-to-use light weight audio player that is used to play your beloved music, songs, audio streams, playlists, audio files, etc. Moo0 Audio Player contains media library that stores number of audio tracks, songs, and etc audio files exist in several audio formats which you want to play. You are able to rip best audio tracks from Audio CD and loads into media library. Making of your personal playlists with interested audio streams, songs is supported by this Moo0 Audio Player, which supports several playlists such as PLS playlist, M3 U playlist, Windows Media playlist, etc.
Moo0 Audio Player supports keyboard shortcuts to play/ pause audio files, increase or decrease volume, remove selected items, go next/ previous song, hide/ show playlist, seek forward/ back in present song, etc. you are able to adjust volume for each song in the playlist by right clicking on that particular song.

Why To Choose Moo0 Audio Player Software?

Moo0 Audio Player  became necessary thing in these days to listen to variety audios in the market. Among different audio player software, this Moo0 Audio Player stood best & topmost one in playing audios. This software has all qualities that a best player should have and also acts as audio converter, editor in some situations.
If you have favorite songs collection and want to listen to them on a nice player then this Moo0 Free Audio Player software is most preferred one gives you unique audio listening experience that you ever had. It shows extensive support to different audio formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC, MP2, MP1, MOD, etc. More or less, with the available tools it converts between ample audio formats but generates beautiful audio play.

Moo0 Audio Player Features

You can have access to all features so that all audio parameters can be edited like bit rate plus player settings could also be adjusted with desired values. Drag drop lets you get audio tracks by dragging URls, files, folders from libraries directly. The Moo0 Audio Player software has additional functionalities allows you choose audio songs from libraries with one-click. All needed options will be available on the interface and more you get only if you explore it.

Moo0 Audio Player Buying Guide

Moo0 Audio Player is nice & sturdy software gets you professional audio listening experience. The software is offering a free trial now Hurry!! Grab it before it expires. To admit, free offer gives you limited access and to get full you have to purchase it. Please be sure that you agreed all terms & conditions after click to above download link and run it. Browse similar software like Moo0 Audio Player on our site such as  Zinf Player, Spider Player and more.

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