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Microsoft Windows screen recorder Download

Publisher: microsoft.com
License: Free
Date added: 14/10/2014
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Microsoft Windows screen recorder Download: Download Microsoft windows screen recorder to record on-screen activities on windows platform. You can make presentations, tutorials, assisted with various options.

Microsoft Windows screen recorder Download

Software NameFile sizePriceDownload Link
Microsoft Windows screen recorder1.1 MB0$Download
There exist numerous Microsoft Windows screen recorders in market. They records on screen activities. Efficient windows screen recorder can record big videos with sound effects, mouse-clicks, key strokes with ease. It is simple, powerful tool for windows users with which, you can save the recorded video into your memory cards.

Best Microsoft Windows screen recorder

Microsoft is one of good windows screen recorder tool offers effective screen recording used to make innovative videos. It becomes fun for all to add videos on you tube there by supporting many learners with tutorials, practice videos, etc. Recording speed of Microsoft is Outstanding, gives you a friendly interface.
It extremely provides flexible use to its users. This windows screen recorder works in the background; you can visit the gallery and manage videos with send, delete, etc. you are supposed to open recorder, click record, open the Microsoft Windows screen recorder application that you want to record your PC screen. You are provided with shortcut keys like F10 to stop recording. You can send recorded videos via sms, email, Bluetooth, whatsapp, etc to others.

Microsoft Windows screen recorder Key features outline:

Microsoft is capable of recording audio that makes this software more useful than others. With Microsoft windows screen recorder, you can automatically scale windows while you are recording. 64-bit codec support has been added to this to offer high quality recording. A new SmartFocus feature will automatically refocus and zoom screen activity. It also contains Speech-to-text capabilities newly added. This windows screen recorder now offers smooth video editing capabilities. Beginners or home users will have an easier access in creating professional-quality videos. All recorded videos are stored into a media library.

How Microsoft Windows screen recorder is beneficial?

This Windows screen recorder application is used by different users like business schools, educational institutes, training centers, blogs, websites, etc. Some of significant benefits come with windows screen recorder is listed below.
It mainly used to transfer knowledge to others in terms of videos showing how to use an application.
Business enterprises record screen to explain features, how to use the new product, etc to customers using this Windows screen recorder
Training centers and schools record videos to help students understanding complex concepts.
Microsoft Windows screen recorder is used to make video presentations, tutorials helps teachers to teach in an easy understandable way, also allow you to upload videos of new record tricks, to show how to play games.
This application is useful to record the screen in case of any technical problem. It works as proof of any technical issue of windows screen.
Screen Recorder Download Table

Software NameFile sizePrice Download a Free Trial
Easy screen recorder 1.39MB$29.95Download
Bsr screen recorder 30.13MB $49.95Download
Camtasia Screen Recorder40.35MB$ 299.00Download
CamStudio Screen Recorder25MB0$Download
Spy Screen Recorder1.08MB$35.95Download
ZD Soft Screen Recorder3.5MB $39 Download
Camersoft Screen Recorder5.3MB $29 Download
Blueberry Screen Recorder4GB.$35Download
Hyper Webcam Screen Recorder10.9 MB $39.95Download
Microsoft Windows screen recorder1.1 MB0$Download

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