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Memorex Cd Label Maker

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Date added: 03/10/2012
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Memorex Cd Label Maker: If you want to download the Memorex CD label software then you are at the right place. Click here for free Download.

Memorex Cd Label Maker Downlaod

Memorex Cd Label Maker

In today’s marketing history, Memorex has gained much fame and also is recognized as one of the leading consumer brands. It has its businesses in the optical media and is known to be the best company in consumers industry. This will be used in many of the homes where there will be home audio and video products, MP3 Players etc. By using this software the user can design professional labels on to the CD’s, storage cases, IPODS etc.

Memorex Cd Label Maker Key Features:

1. Operating System: This software supports the Windows OS i.e. 98Software Edition, Millennium Edition, 2000 or XP.
2. RAM: For the installation of this software the minimum RAM that should be present is 64MB.
3. Disk Space: The minimum disk space that should be available is 64MB which should be free space.
4. Browser: The internet browser that it supports is Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher.
5. Media Player: The recommended media player that should be present is Windows Media Player 9 or higher.
6. Resolution: This software best works for the minimum resolution of 800X600 and also supports the higher resolution.

Highlights Of Memorex Cd Label Maker Software:

  • Registration: If the user registers for the software then all the important information regarding the update of software will be given.
  • Creating a Label: With this software the user can create the new labels by choosing the option New CD Label wizard. There will be label templates for CD’s, DVD’s, and IPODS etc.
  • Design Templates: Once the device for which the label has to be done is chosen, the user can select one of the design templates that are present in the software.
  • Background: The background of the design template can be chosen from the option Browse Backgrounds and the user can choose from over 1500 backgrounds present.
  • Printer Calibration: This Memorex CD label software has the option print calibration tool that helps the user to get the designs perfectly printed on the label sheet.
  • Support: The Memorex Company provides both kinds of supports i.e. through phone or through websites. The users can choose the suitable option that chooses the best.
  • Tutorials: Various tutorials will be present in the help option present through which the user can view all the tutorial classes regarding how the software can be used.

Memorex Cd Label Maker Installation Guide:

Installation: During the installation of the software the user can view the installation guide for any doubts so that they will be cleared.

Memorex Cd Label Maker Installation Steps:

1. The corresponding link for the download of the software has to be opened and also the currently running programs have to be closed.
2. Then the software can be downloaded from that link by selecting the download option.
3. The software will be downloaded into the system in a location where the user has to open by double clicking on it.
4. Once the software will be opened the user has to accept the terms and conditions check box.
5. Then the installation of the software begins by clicking next whenever prompted.
6. Finally the software installation will be finished when the user will click finish button when prompted on the screen.

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