LimeWire Pro

Publisher: limewire
Date added: 14/04/2010
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Download LimeWire Pro an open source peer-to-peer file-sharing network compatible with the Gnutella Windows, Mac or Linux version available BitTorrent and P2P file-sharing software package

Regarded as the archetypal Gnutella client LimeWire is the highest profile Peer2Peer application with its debut as a post-Napster clone. It is a file sharing app for music, videos, pictures, games and text documents. LimeWire Pr latest Web 2.0 world version 5 re-envisions the software with more emphasis on sharing with friends, square buttons with rounded corners, and overall a cleaner interface. LimeWire is regarded as one of the best file sharing programs created which is available in two versions-LimeWire and LimeWire Pro. This software’s firewall to firewall ability makes it more malleable. LimeWire allows its user to choose from title, artist, album, track number, gener, year, length and bitrate. LimeWire Pro supports Windows, Mac and Linux as it is written in Java with above average requirements on all operating systems. LimeWire Pro software comes with a fancy skin along with the Direct Connect feature which allows the user to directly tap into a particular IP address for faster exchange of files. The software’s P2P network option shows uploading and downloading, while the Friends option provides for sharing of one’s library with Google or Jabber contacts. The Advanced Tools option provides for specific information from torrent clients inclusive of IP addresses, bandwidth and latest version.

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