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Kmp Video Player

Publisher: KMP Media
License: Free
Filesize: 30.86 MB
Date added: 12/12/2013
Downloads: 343 views

The Kmp Video Player is a multi-platform media capable of playing almost all sorts of video formats. The best feature that the player offers is a single codec that ensures convenience for the user. The user need not download separate attachments for playback of different formats.

Kmp Video Player Download:

SoftwareDownload Link
Kmp Video Player For Windows 7/8 32 64 BitDownload
Kmp Video Player For AndroidDownload

Features And Functions Of Kmp Video Player:

Kmp Video Player is the first media player that offers 3D playback. The player also offers a button to convert 2D formats to 3D ones. The player is equipped with a feature to capture audio and video. Also, the player can play subtitles of all types and offers easy linkage of the .srt file to the video. Kmp video player allows the user to connect to WDM TV and BDA HDTV and offers live TV streaming. All in all, the player is very user friendly and allows the user to play the most sophisticated audio and video formats.

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