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Date added: 16/10/2014

Kickass Undelete Download: are you searching for best Undelete software? This page provides you Kickass Undelete software to recover important deleted files by mistake.

Kickass Undelete Download:

How to recover files using Kickass-Undelete:
By mistake removed an important data from your PC? Lost important files (photos, videos, business data) when your computer crashed? No problem! Kickass recovers files deleted from your computer, Recycle Bin, SD card, digital camera card, MP3 player or any other external devices.
For beginning users, Kickass Undelete has a quick-start Wizard that guides you in the process of recovering your files. Kickass Undelete recognizes what kind of files you’re looking to recover, where they were located, and the software does the rest of procedure.

Kickass Undelete Features:

 Recover the deleted files, e-mails, music files and unsaved documents from your pc.
 Kikass is portable version and kickass default scan will run through a large hard drive for deleted files in seconds.
 Kikass restores the deleted files within seconds and sends it back to your hard drive.
 It performs file batch recovery and Supports both NTFS and FAT file systems.
Set-up file: KickassUndelete_1.3_beta.exe (605.7 KB) for Windows OS.

Five Installation Steps To Install Kickass Undelete:

• Click on download button on page where Kickass-Undelete available.
• Get .exe file from downloads folder of your pc and save it on desktop
• Kickass-Undelete set-up box will open by double click on .exe file.
• Click on ‘install’ and follow onscreen guidelines for coming steps.
Kickass-Undelete is available into your pc whenever you click on “finish’ button.

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