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ISYS Desktop Search

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Date added: 15/10/2014
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Download advanced desktop search engine “ISYS Desktop Search” at enterprise level, which is quick, uncomplicated and permits you search to documents quickly based on key information.

ISYS Desktop Search Download:

ISYS Desktop Search is used to describe the search information within an organization. ISYS Desktop Search can be contrasted with web search which applies search technology to documents on the open web, and desktop search which applies search technology to documents on a single computer.

ISYS Search systems index data and documents from variety of sources such as: file systems, document management systems, e-mail and databases. This search engine integrates structured and unstructured data in their collections.

ISYS enables more efficient customer service, faster innovation, key search, and quick response for better enterprise process. It contains advanced, unified indexing technology securely connects with all systems to create a virtual integration layer.

ISYS Desktop Search key features:

  • Search relevant documents from share point sites, desktops, portals, e-mail servers, mobile devices, content management systems, website folders, etc.
  • You can issue queries based on navigational actions
  • Search the information (employee records, files, data, addresses, etc) across your organization.
  • Across intranets and extranets it searches for relevant information based on key data.

ISYS Desktop Search allows employees to instantaneously find files and many other content types stored anywhere on their computers and on the enterprise network. Investing in a low-cost search solution such as ISYS Desktop Search will increase your organization’s productivity while providing a powerful tool.

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