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Iphlpapi.dll Download

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Date added: 31/12/2013
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Download and install Iphlpapi.dll file and troubleshoot error messages as  payday 2, sendarp, file missing or corrupted on windows xp, vista, 7, 8 32/64 Bit.

Iphlpapi.dll Download:

DLL FileDownload Link
Iphlpapi.dll For Windows XPDownload
Iphlpapi.dll For Windows Vista 32/64 BitDownload
Iphlpapi.dll For Windows 7 32/64 BitDownload
Iphlpapi.dll For Windows 8 32/64 BitDownload

A dynamic link library or iphlpapi.dll is a set of small programs, which can contact with the computer executable program (. exe) that is running on your computer. The dll lets the executable file correspond with a particular device such as an output device like a printer or may contain source code to perform particular functions.
The benefit of dll files is that they do not get loaded into RAM (random access memory) together with the main program, saving a lot of space in RAM (random access memory). When and if a dll file is called, at that time it will be loaded. All in all a Iphlpapi.dll file is an executable file that cannot run on its own; it can just run from within an executable file.

Iphlpapi.dll Download And Installation Guide:

The Installation & Registration instructions for “.dll” is listed below:
1. After downloading “.dll” file unzip the file using Winrar or Winzip software.

2. Copy the downloaded “iphlpapi.dll” file to the destined folder.

3. Overwrite the existing file and also take backup of existing version.

4. Press “Start” in your PC/Laptop and Select “Run”.

5. Type “CMD” & press Enter.

6. Then Copy regsvr32 “.dll” and press Enter.

7. That’s it your “iphlpapi.dll” file is updated and ready.

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