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Intel Wireless Display Software

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Download the Intel® Wireless Display Software for your windows 7 and connect your laptop and TV without the requirement of cable.

Intel® Wireless Display Software for Windows 7

With all the recent videos being available over the internet and live streaming available for most TV channels and exclusive shows, most of us open end up watching videos online on our computers instead of the TV.

Most of the TV’s nowadays allow us to connect to them using cables to enjoy videos on the large screen, however, it is not as convenient and efficient as we would like.

The Intel® Wireless Display software (WiDi) for your windows 7 computer allows you to connect to your big screen HDTV and enjoy the videos and shows in high definition.

Advantages of  Intel® Wireless Display software

The wireless display software offers you stunning High Definition videos that can be viewed by a roomful of family and friends.  The Wireless Display software offers you an upgrade to your entertainment system -Movies, videos, games, photos, connecting with friends, and much more!

Share your photos and videos and interact with your laptop watch it on the TV instantly.

Intel® Wireless Display software features

  • It offers a multi-channel sound output: 6-channel
  • It is supported by Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 8
  • It provides support for Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000
  • HDCP 2.0 Output Protection to support DVD, Blu-ray
  • It supports up to 1080p (Full HD)

Download the Intel® Wireless Display (WiDi)

Before you download the Intel® Wireless Display software (WiDi) ensure that the entire software and hardware requirement configurations are met to avoid any issues. It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. It is also advised that the correct wireless and graphics drivers should be installed on the PC before your start installing the Intel Wireless Display Software.

Select and click on the file called Setup.exe to start the download process. After selecting the download option on the website, confirm that you are using the Windows 7 operating system and accept the end user license agreement. Select the save option and complete the installation process to enjoy wireless display on your TV.

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